E14 - Dr. Sarah Jarvis - Heart Week

Monster Frequency by Word Monster
We’re delighted to welcome the one and only DR SARAH JARVIS MBE back to the podcast. Because it felt so empty, without her. Monster Frequency is made with love by the Monster Medical® Group – a collection of boutique agencies that support the medical and pharmaceutical industry, producing fearsome healthcare communications for fearless cl  ...  See more
Jul 12 2022
Episode’s Soundbites
  • Good vs bad cholesterol00:02:40 - 00:04:38

Ben Makin 0:21
Guess who's back? Back again. Sarah's back. Tell a friend. That's right, we're, hang on. Let me just let me just turn the, can't talk with that on anyway. Yes. You probably realised from that rather bizarre introduction that we do have somebody called Sarah back on the show. And of course, that is the one and only Dr. Sarah Jarvis MBE. Very, very warm. welcome back Dr. Jarvis. So please, in fact, hang on. Let's get that to get that beat back, shall we. I've created a Monster Frequency episode, because nobody wants to see Makin no more they want Sarah I'm chopped liver. Anyway, yeah, sorry. Let's let's let's stop that shall we? So Dr. Sarah Jarvis is back. And at this time, she's here with us to talk a bit about the heart and cholesterol levels. Now recently, it has been B

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