E12 - Professor Green

Monster Frequency by Word Monster
Move over Doctor Strange, because we’ve got a professor in the house.But he’s not the professor you’re expecting…In our latest MONSTER FREQUENCY episode, we’re delighted to be joined by rapper and mental health advocate, PROFESSOR GREEN!He’s giving us tips on dealing with rocketing energy bills, in our new #agencylife series (stay tuned –  ...  See more
May 31 2022
Episode’s Soundbites
  • Mental health in an energy crisis00:05:44 - 00:07:03

Ben Makin 0:22
Hello, welcome back to Monster Frequency. It's me Ben with another episode for you. Thank you very much for catching this one pleased to have you with us. Now, I'm gonna have to just say who the guest is straight away cause I'm quite quite excited about this one actually. Now you must remember the fantastic rapper, Prof. Green, Professor Green. Do you remember the one with the Lily Allen he did? Just be good to green. I certainly do. Well, guess what? He is our guest on this episode, which I yeah, as I say quite excited about this. And he's talking about something which I think is yeah, a really, really important thing to kind of talk about at the moment. And that is managing anxiety and concerns that people have particularly around energy debt. Of course, at the moment,

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