S01 E09 - Bringing together older and younger generations

HealthTech Talks - Lumina Podcast Series by Lumina Gold Coast
At an age when Professor Anneke Fitzgerald says she should be starting to think of retirement, she's taken on a passion project (and the long and demanding hours that go with it), that she hopes will change the lives of young and old. Anneke is the Founder and Chair of the Australian Institute for Intergenerational Practice, an organisati  ...  See more
Sep 11 2022

Bringing together older and younger generations

Speaker 1: This is a podcast by Lumina, the perfect space to innovate, collaborate, and
grow in health, science, and tech.

Rebecca Griffin (host) : Professor Annika Fitzgerald, thank you for being with Health Tech Talks today.
Annika Fitzgerald (guest): Well, thank you so much for having me. It's very exciting to be here and to talk
about the work that we've been doing.

Rebecca Griffin (host): Your career started as a nurse and then you moved into health services management. You're now a professor of health management at Griffith
University and initiator of the university's intergenerational practice research
program. You were involved in the pre and post production of the very much
loved ABC TV series, Old People's Home for 4 Year Olds, a

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