Life with a Y

by Bryan Mulry

An interview series, hosted by Bryan (with a Y) Mulry, where Bryan interviews his successful guests and explores why they do what they do - their vulnerabilities, their goals and who they really are. Together, the guests discuss their personal and professional journeys, their core values and what motivates them to do what they do.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Ep. 13 - Darryl Praill's Story - Being the reluctant bad guy

    Ep. 13 - Darryl Praill's Story - Being the reluctant bad guy

    Darryl Praill was asked to write his own obituary in the middle of his marketing career and the impact this had on him still shapes his leadership style today. As CMO of Agorapulse, Darryl teaches the importance of branding and public perception to everyone that he leads, but today we find out how he carefully curated his own self-image as a CMO. In this episode we figure out why Darryl reluctantly takes on the role of “the bad guy” for a lot of people in his life. We talk about how the struggles that he’s had with his wife and kids have manifested in his professional life and what lead him to have a nervous breakdown at what seemed like the peak of his professional career. Today we learn why the good guy pretends to be the bad guy, in order to help people. . 1:36 - Who is Darryl Praill? 4:19 - Why Darryl thinks people call him a "d*ck" 10:25 - Holding people accountable in relationships 16:37 - How Darryl learned a new skill set that was the complete opposite of his natural tendencies 20:43 - The mask that Darryl wears 22:32 - How Darryl met his wife & the impact she's had on his life 24:46 The challenges that Darryl's family have faced 27:24 - Salesloft Ad 28:44 - Bryan's recap of the conversation so far 29:45 - Darryl's take on sales and marketing 31:12 - How Darryl was driven to a nervous breakdown 37:17 - The current version of Darryl and how he's spending his life 40:00 - Darryl’s "Why" 46:12 - Is Darryl happy? 47:23 - Wrap up 48:28 - Darryl gets his own back on me . Darryl’s LinkedIn: Darryl’s Twitter Handle: @ohpinion8ted Bryan’s LinkedIn:

  • Ep. 12 - Ollie Sharpe's "why" - How success and happiness comes from serving others

    Ep. 12 - Ollie Sharpe's "why" - How success and happiness comes from serving others

    Ollie Sharpe has been through some sh*t so you don't have to. Today's guest, Ollie Sharpe is a London based sales leader, known for the care and attention that he gives his employees. He’s a giant in the UK tech sales space, but who knew that Ollie’s massive success stemmed from an inner concern with boring others? Ollie is a caring, compassionate and thoughtful family man, and these traits spill over into his professional life. Having spent 3 years building the fantastic culture of Salesloft’s EMEA offices, Ollie now helps UK tech sales leaders be thoughtful and intentional with their leadership. Ollie is very mindful of others, and in this episode we learn that his success stems from his desire to help, facilitate and support others. Today we learn why Ollie Sharpe, one of the world’s best sales and business leaders, spends more time supporting others than supporting himself. Time Stamps: 0:01 - intro + how Ollie tricked me 2:10 - my apology 3:00 - who is Ollie Sharpe? How he describes himself and how others describe him 9:43 - what Ollie cares about and then hat he needs 15:04 - Ollie's wife and the impact his family has had on his life 17:40 - How Ollie's challenges changed his view of work 20:52 - Ollie's three-legged-stool and what he's been prioritising lately 23:07 - Salesloft Advert 24:29 - How miscarriages and cancer changed Ollie's world view 28:48 - How this has affected Ollie's leadership style 32:15 - How Ollie's experiences helped him to develop a unique company culture 36:30 - how to understand your own values and the impact they can have on your life 43:20 - How to break out of the "workaholic" mindset 45:33 - Ollie's Why 49:45 - conclusion Ollie’s LinkedIn: Bryan’s LinkedIn:

  • Season 1

  • Ep. 11 - Reflecting on Season 1 - Solo Episode

    Ep. 11 - Reflecting on Season 1 - Solo Episode

    In this final episode of season 1, we reflect on the stories that we have told over the last few months on this podcast. We revisit the lives of my guests who were vulnerable enough to share their stories over the last few weeks and talk about what we can learn from these stories. This episode is dedicated to reflection - we recap the stories that we have heard, the nuggets of wisdom that we have been given and talk about how we might implement this advice into our own lives. We also talk about the future of the podcast and what you might expect from season 2. So, after 10 totally different stories, are you any closer to knowing why you do what you do?

  • Ep. 10 - Gabrielle Blackwell - How a "Hippy Witch" crafts a spiritual life

    Ep. 10 - Gabrielle Blackwell - How a "Hippy Witch" crafts a spiritual life

    In our final look at the life of Gabrielle Blackwell, we go back to her very first description of herself - a "Hippy Witch" In this episode, we talk about Gabrielle's religious journey, how she lost her faith and how she began to find her own spiritual path as a result. We talk about the impact that this journey has had on her relationships with other people and how it has shaped her relationship with herself. I also go back to a question that I asked Gabrielle in our very first conversation - this time she gives a different answer... I hope that this episode has made you wonder what impact spirituality/ religion has had on your own life and maybe you're one step closer to knowing why you do what you do.

  • Ep. 9 - Gabrielle Blackwell's Tipping Point - Getting pushed to the edge without even realising

    Ep. 9 - Gabrielle Blackwell's Tipping Point - Getting pushed to the edge without even realising

    This week's episode is longer than normal for a good reason... I initially ran this episode like any other, but after an hour of footage we eventually touched on a topic that needed to be discussed, and that took time. Today's episode is different in 2 ways: 1) It is the first audio-only episode of the series 2) It is the first heavily edited episode of the podcast. Today we learn about what pushed Gabrielle Blackwell to the edge of her own mental state and what lead to the breakdown that she described in episode 1 of this 3-part series. We learn about how somebody deconstructs their own mind in order to challenge their own self-deprecating beliefs and what happens when we turn all of our focus 100% inward. We then hit on a topic that is too important not to discuss and a story that is all too common in a very specific community. Gabrielle shows us why she lived the way she did pre-breakdown and my main question for you is, are living the same way?