Season 01 Episode 06 - Retire Many Times with guest Sounil Yu

The Adversarial Podcast by Jerry Perullo, Sounil Yu, Mario Duarte

Episode notes

Sounil Yu joins the #lifeafterCISO podcast and shares the idea of "retiring many times". Sounil is the renowned author of the Cyber Defense Matrix and lauded by the CISO community for his ability to step back and view problems in a new light. Host Jerry Perullo and Sounil go on to look at the Equifax breach from a new angle, talk about CISO accountability, and finally offer up their early thoughts on the Twitter whistleblower report.

01:43 Returning to work as a CISO

10:30 Do CISOs spend too much time on tech?

11:38 CDM and the Equifax breach

15:00 CISO accountability

19:45 The Twitter whistleblower complaint

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