Enrich Your Life with Service

The Later in Life Planning Show by Patrick Cawley

Episode notes

Psychologists call it "role theory." For every role you have -- parent, coach, friend, coworker -- there is a source of purpose and meaning in your life. Older adults tend to lose roles as they see children move out, they retire, and they become less involved in their community.

Volunteering not only provides a new role and a new purpose for older adults, but also research shows that volunteers report lower levels of stress and greater amounts of life satisfaction. Volunteers report less discomfort than non-volunteers in the population of people dealing with chronic pain or illness.

But where can older adults find their new role and their new purpose in service? Enter the United Way. A long-standing pillar of service, the United Way vets every nonprofit organization to determine that funds will be well spent and volunteers will p ... 

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