Lacks AwarenessExplicit

by Melissa Lacks

A podcast that pays close attention to the lack of Awareness in society...asking the question 'When will the Pendulum Swing the Other Way?" 

Podcast episodes

  • Motivated with Miss Motivational

    Motivated with Miss MotivationalExplicit

    Melissa sits down with New York fitness extraordinaire Michele Gordon to discuss all things fitness, the power of social media, and what it's like to be in the presence of a true reality star.    Sponsored by Nimble Fitness nimble...

  • RHOD Episode 2-Affluence at its finest

    RHOD Episode 2-Affluence at its finestExplicit

    Welcome to a birthday roast for the ages and an episode that did not disappoint. We discuss our favorite Dallas ladies including dive bar meet ups, cheersing with water, a donut presentation and a one liner Melissa is desperately ...

  • RHOD Premiere Recap - LeeAnne Locken: For Emmy Consideration

    RHOD Premiere Recap - LeeAnne Locken: For Emmy ConsiderationExplicit

    New milestones, new hair, new friendships, same bitches..the Real Housewives of Dallas are back and Melissa breaks down the Premiere in her first Bravo recap.

  • PSLs for all

    PSLs for allExplicit

    She has arisen from her summer slumber and ready for the Fall. Melissa dives deep into her favorite topics, including the US Open, PSLs for literally everyone and RHOD's Leanne Locken. Save your Bravo Con money and listen now.

  • Bravo Con Comes Early

    Bravo Con Comes Early

    Melissa welcomes Hoboken influencer and Lacks Awareness' new celebrity correspondent, Melissa Rubenstein, to discuss all things celebrities and Bravo.