The Keys 2 Your Digital Kingdom - Episode 6: "Powering Up Security: How OT Protects Our Energy"

The Keys 2 Your Digital Kingdom by Infosec K2K Ltd.

Episode notes

In this episode of Keys 2 Your Digital Kingdom, we continue our exploration of OT security by focusing on the energy sector. Join us as we welcome back Kevin Kumpf, OT Strategist at Cyolo, to discuss the crucial role of OT in protecting our energy infrastructure.

Discover how Operational Technology (OT) systems are essential for managing and securing energy production and distribution. Kevin shares insights into the unique cybersecurity challenges faced by the energy sector and explains how securing OT environments is vital to prevent disruptions and ensure reliable energy supply.

Tune in to learn about the latest strategies and technologies for enhancing OT security in the energy industry, and understand the critical importance of protecting our energy infrastructure from cyber threats.

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