Jewish Agnostics

by Steven Goetz and Oz Alon

As two agnostics in a Jewish school, community, and family, we understand how it feels to be alienated and confused. Fortunately, with so many religious and professional resources at hand, we will venture into introspection and spirituality through challenging religion at its core: the origin. We will record short segments interviewing Rabbis, Priests, Imams, religious professors, philosophers, and astronomers with the goal to ... Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E01 - Jewish Agnostics: Podcast Ep. 1

    S01 E01 - Jewish Agnostics: Podcast Ep. 1

    The first episode of the Jewish Agnostics Podcast! In this episode, we invite Rabbi Aaron Pink to speak with us and answer 5 questions submitted by our viewers. NOTE: This content is not meant to be offensive, nor was it meant to ...