Intangible AdventuresExplicit

by David Macfarlane and Tyler Skidgel

Genre-bending, guerilla-style podcasters Dave and Skidge go on deep-space safari to study subversive elements, personal mythology, and the human experience through the lens of unconventional storytelling. 
Society & Culture

Podcast episodes

  • Goodbye Honolulu

    Goodbye HonoluluExplicit

    Skidge and Dave go mobile into D.C. to sit down with Max Bornstein, the drummer for the Toronto rock band, Goodbye Honolulu.

    Nov 18 2019
    Nov 18 2019
  • The NFL Dream

    The NFL DreamExplicit

    Dave and Skidge sit down with former free safety for the New England Patriots, Eugene Wilson.

    Nov 08 2019
    Nov 08 2019
  • Technology of the Times

    Technology of the TimesExplicit

    Everywhere you go you take a black mirror with you. It sits in your pocket or it absorbs your attention at the dinner table. Love it or hate it, the digital transformation isn't going anywhere. Technology is king of the modern age...

    Sep 17 2019
    Sep 17 2019
  • Ten Checks

    Ten ChecksExplicit

    Dave and Skidge get a history lesson from Dusan, a Serbian immigrant and lively character, who gives them the rundown of life and times in Serbia.

    Aug 22 2019
    Aug 22 2019
  • The Dichotomy, Part 2

    The Dichotomy, Part 2Explicit

    In this re-release of a fan favorite that originally aired in March of 2019, Dave and Skidge hunker down with a former clandestine tier 1 operator, who delves into the spycraft, philosophy and mindset of the job.

    Aug 08 2019
    Aug 08 2019