Infinitely Distracting

by Peter Loveday

Each Sunday, tune in for the next chapter of "Infinitely Distracting", written and read aloud by Peter Loveday, writer and singer-songwriter. (Cover photo by Bleddyn Butcher. All other photos and music by Peter Loveday.)

Podcast episodes

  • Season 9

  • Simultaneous click

    Simultaneous click

    Mel’s adopting dad hands her the mail, there at the door in his to-the-knee shorts with too many pockets and those glasses that he has never broken or lost

  • Missing members

    Missing members

    An unexpected visit.

  • Season 8

  • The hollow that she left

    The hollow that she left

    Grass is powdered with dew, air at a standstill, river lying belly up boasting the sun's first glee.

  • This exquisite thrill

    This exquisite thrill

    Necessity, the mother of invention.

  • Routine Saturday night affair

    Routine Saturday night affair

    Saturday night down at the pool. Things go as unplanned.