Idea Garden

by Eli Rachlin

Welcome to Idea Garden, a podcast we created to plant and cultivate ideas of all shapes, sizes, and colors. We believe having a space to nourish one's own and others' ideas provides invaluable knowledge of who we are and how we navigate this world. We hope the ideas discussed here will bear fruitful avenues of thought in your life, and maybe even inspire you to create an Idea Garden in your own life.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Episode 2 - Dance & Philosophy ft. Annelise

    Episode 2 - Dance & Philosophy ft. Annelise

    We're joined by our first guest and incredibly talented friend Annelise. In the first half, Annelise talks us through her experience choreographing her thesis for her B.A. in dance, which involved an extensive process of taking a meaningful concept in her head, and collaboratively transcribing that meaning into the language of dance. Then in the second half, we discuss some of the philosophy of Simone de Beauvoir, and our own ideas about the potential of [wo]man.

  • Episode 1


    Episode 1


    Our first episode and first discussion of Ideas. Keegan plants the idea of happiness accounting, which leads to discussions of the problems of our adversarial "Game A" economic system, child slave labor in (among other things) the production of chocolate, and Eli planting his own idea for a society without money.

  • Episode 0

    Episode 0

    An introduction to who we are, what an idea garden is, and why we wanted to create one. We also get a bit sidetracked along the way. But hey, every great garden's got it's fair share of weeds to deal with, right? Feel free to skip to episode 1 if you'd rather hear about ideas than the garden that they're being planted in.