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Healthy and Holy Sexuality (Ft. Brandi K. Harris)

Holy Ship by Lydia Vreeman

Episode notes

Happy Wednesday! Today we are joined by Brandi K. Harris to talk about healthy and holy sexuality! We are super excited about this episode and hope you enjoy it!

Brandi is a professional counselor, author, speaker, teacher, and coach. Personally she's a mom of 3 kids, a wife, a friend, and a follower of Jesus. She has been practicing counseling for 15 years and published her first book in 2015, kicking off a round of parenting classes and teaching gigs. Before that she coached swimming and taught human development for a local university. She's also done a few random things like playing roller derby and shaving her head. She no longer has a belly button and she's just a fun human who makes mistakes and then tries to recover.

Her three books are Grace for Par ... 

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