S01 E01 - Scott Dikkers, The Onion

The HoliShay Anthology by Shay Michael

Shay chats with Scott Dikkers, founding editor of The Onion, about comedy, writing comedy and what life was like during the pandemic.

Sep 15 2022

Hi, so I was thinking that we would just like talk a little bit about your experiences
get into like the onion get into the books get into maybe some tips and tricks as well I'd be delighted
cool and tell me but tell me about your audience a little bit so I was a
comedian and in Germany I worked there for like a fortune as a journalist for
Deutsche Welle they're international broadcaster and got into stand-up comedy loved it I met a lot of great people
and so now that I'm back in the US because I'm currently in California have
been here since October and unable to do comedy like stand-up comedy I'm getting
really into like the writing aspect of it and very curious about how to like
you know be a better writer be a better comedy writer and so Long's a

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