Episode 28: Ecommerce promo code security

Published: Jun 16 2021

Featuring Kathleen Booth, VP of Marketing at clean.io

How to make sure that your promotional codes are working with you, not against you.

Kahtleen leads the go to market strategy for the company's new ecommerce coupon extension blocker, cleanCART. Prior to joining clean.io, Kathleen spent 11 years as the CEO of Quintain Marketing, a digital marketing agency and leading HubSpot partner. Since exiting Quintain, she has focused on helping VC-backed tech startups build high growth marketing engines.

Episode quote:

“We're all selling trust, regardless of other marketing services, or sneakers, or tractors or, you know, artificial intelligence, it's all trust. Traditionally, when we wanted to build trust with our audience, we did that through the experience we delivered in our office. In our store, when we met with people there was more human interaction. And that's really been replaced by digital interactions or engagements, as we call them now.”

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