Green Thru Podcasts

by Eric Della Casa

What does sustainability entail in today's society? Everything and nothing. Avoid greenwashing and learn with me as I speak to professionals, philanthropists and entrepreneurs who are trying to shape a greener tomorrow. 

Podcast episodes

  • Podcast 29 - Sam Zindel

    Podcast 29 - Sam Zindel

    How can small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) embark on a decarbonisation journey?Sam Zindel is the Managing Director of a digital marketing agency in the UK and has recently founded an initiative, called Low Carbon Leaders, wh...

  • Podcast 28 - Martin Tumusiime

    Podcast 28 - Martin Tumusiime

    How can the waste disposal and treatment issue possibly be tackled in a major African capital?Martin Tumusiime is the Co-Founder and CEO of an innovative startup called Yo-Waste, which strives to provide a location-based, on-deman...

  • Podcast 27 - Gianni Tagliapietra

    Podcast 27 - Gianni Tagliapietra

    EN - Can bioplastics truly substitute conventional plastics in the long-term and, if so, how do they perform in comparison?Gianni Tagliapietra is the Co-Founder and CEO of a start-up called Mixcycling srl, which was founded with t...

  • Podcast 26 - Gregg Treinish

    Podcast 26 - Gregg Treinish

    How would someone be able to help to collect data to tackle some of the most significant environmental and human challenges that our planet is currently facing?Gregg Treinish is the Founder and Executive Director of a non-profit o...

  • Podcast 25 - Lorenzo Conti

    Podcast 25 - Lorenzo Conti

    How would it be possible to ensure that less food is wasted along the food supply chain?Lorenzo Conti is the Founder and Managing Director of Crover, an agri-tech start-up, which aims to reduce waste in the long-term storage of gr...