Grab Bag PodcastExplicit

by Rachel Robins

Join Rachel and Reilly each week as they explore topics like true crime, witchcraft, an awful fanfiction, and so much more! Art by Em Arocho ( ) 

Podcast episodes

  • Episode 48: Avenue Q

    Episode 48: Avenue QExplicit

    A puppet musical REALLY not made for children! Although Avenue Q won 3 Tony's in 2004, it surprises Rachel that a lot of people don't know it! Venmo her $5 because this is Rachel's one-person production of Avenue QInstagram: @Grab...

  • Episode 47: Ceramics

    Episode 47: Ceramics Explicit

    If the Robins sisters thought they were smart, this episode proved them wrong. They're idiots and know nothing about ceramics. Instagram: @GrabbagpodTwitter: @grabbagpodcastRachel: @raerobinsReilly: @theatregeek244grabbagpodRR@gma...

  • Episode 46: Rated XMas

    Episode 46: Rated XMasExplicit

    Rachel has had this song in her head since MIDDLE SCHOOL and now you will too! Listen in as the girls are horribly uncomfortable and learn new words! A short episode but it feels like a LOT trust us.Instagram: @GrabbagpodTwitter: ...

  • Episode 45: AHAINB Chapter 8

    Episode 45: AHAINB Chapter 8Explicit

    Rachel is tired and stubbornly clinging on to the brain cell while Reilly tries in vain to read this chapter. Magnus Opa! Instagram: @GrabbagpodTwitter: @grabbagpodcastRachel: @raerobinsReilly:

  • Episode 44: Black Eyed Children

    Episode 44: Black Eyed ChildrenExplicit

    Rachel and Reilly talk about the spooky creepypasta (Tulpa? Cryptid?) that is Black Eyed Children as well as revealing too much about their own home! Please don't burn down their house!Instagram: @GrabbagpodTwitter: @grabbagpodcas...