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by Gin and Gems Podcast

This podcast will cover several life topics through a spiritual lens! Are you into something more solid? We'll talk about geology and crystals. What about divination? We have that too! What if you're trying to connect with your body or do some deep light and/or shadow work? We have you covered! 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E01 - Episode 1: New Beginnings

    S01 E01 - Episode 1: New BeginningsExplicit

    This episode is a little delayed from our original expectation, but there's no way to honor our own minds and bodies than to not drain all our energy at once! Enjoy our extended first episode where we jump right in to our topic of...

  • Bonus

    S01 - Tarah's Big Three

    S01 - Tarah's Big ThreeExplicit

    Tarah explores her big 3 (sun, moon, and rising signs) and how her pets represent different personality traits of each.

  • Bonus

    S01 - Protection Jars

    S01 - Protection Jars

    Tarah discusses sigils and protecting your home.

  • Trailer

    S01 - Premier Trailer

    S01 - Premier Trailer

    Welcome to our all-new podcast, Gin + Gems. We will review all kinds of topics through a spiritual lens and toss in a bit of earth science to accompany it all. Follow us on our instagram @ginandgemspodcast to stay up-to-date on al...