Future in Finance #15: The Main Advice Areas

The CeMAP Study Podcast with Future in Finance by Charlotte Hemmingway

Episode notes

Whether you're a #CeMAP candidate in dire need of a sanity-saving study break, a finance enthusiast seeking a fresh perspective, or just someone who enjoys a good dose of irreverent banter, Episode 15 is your ticket to a wild ride through Topic 15 of the CeMAP 1 textbook: the world of main advice areas. So, grab your headphones, a notepad (or a stiff drink), and tune in as we attempt to shatter the stereotype that finance podcasts have to be dry, dull and devoid of personality (and a doggo or 4)Warning: This episode may contain strong language, controversial opinions, and political opinions you might not like. Listener discretion is advised – but then again, where's the fun in playing it safe?