Ben Lacy Discloses the Origin of the Mighty Samson

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Episode notes
Ben Lacy is the founder and CEO of Biting Comics, and the creator and writer of The Cthulhu Man, Shark of War, The Vicious Vixens of Dakuwanga, and his most recent series Samson #1 - To Fight The Uberfuhrer! I got the chance to sit down with Ben and talk about refrigeration, what it was that inspired him to become a writer, where he gets his ideas from, and tons more! We also chat about what we can see from him in the future, and any advice he may have for up-and-coming creatives! Check out Ben's newest project Samson #1 - To Fight The Uberfuhrer, on KS right now at this link, and make sure you help spread the word! ...   ...  Read more
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