Scott Wilke hits us with a Bad Bug Double Feature

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Episode notes
Writer Scott Wilke has a number of writing credits under his belt, including stories such as Periwinkle, HyperGeist, Red Scare, The Legend of Everett Forge, and so many others including Welcome to Monster World and Cereal Killer, that are on Kickstarter right now! I got the chance to sit down with Scott and talk about some favorite family traditions, how he got interested in writing in the first place, where his ideas come from, and so much more! We also chat about what we can see from him in the future and any advice he might have for up-and-coming creatives! Scott's newest books Cereal Killer and Welcome to Monster World are on Kickstarter right now! It's being billed as a Bad Bug Media Double Feature, where you'll get these two books and a copy of the revamped version of the book Ragnarawk! Make sure you stop by and check out all the amazing cove ...   ...  Read more
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