Idaho Armored Combat's Rick Percinsky & Ethan Watt educate us about Buhurt

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Episode notes

Rick Percinsky and Ethan Watt are the Captains of the Idaho Falls and Boise Chapters of Idaho Armored Combat! Medieval Armored Combat, or Buhurt as it's also known, is an MMA-style sport centered around combatants wearing real steel medieval armor using blunted medieval weapons in individual or team battles.

I got the chance to sit down with these two and talk about what got them interested in medieval armored combat fighting in the first place, how the sport got its start, how someone gets involved with the sport, all the training and traveling involved, and a lot more! We also chat about what is one thing they think is overrated, how to keep up to date on all their events, and what they have coming up in regards to armored combat fighting competitions!

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