Ty Christian interview: Lords of the Trident are Mad With Power

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Episode notes
Ty Christian, aka Fang Von Wrathenstein, is the lead singer of one of my all-time favorite heavy metal bands, Lords of the Trident! I got the chance to sit down with Ty and talk about a number of things, including whether or not a hot dog is in fact a sandwich, the inspiration behind the name of the band and the band's music, their songwriting process, and more! We also chat about what we can see from Lords of the Trident in the future and any advice he may have for up-and-coming creatives! Speaking of the future of Lords of the Trident, they have a music festival coming up very soon called Mad With Power Fest, the largest Arcade, Pinball, and Heavy Metal festival in the Northern United States! This is their sixth year running it, and it will be at the Sylvee in Madison, WI August 18th and 19th! For more info,  ...  Read more
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