Kyrun Silva helps us see the return of Xob the Lightning Wielder

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Episode notes

Kyrun Silva is an extremely talented writer and artist, with titles such as Shaman's Destiny, Ruby from Planet Oz, Starcore, and Xob the Lightning Weilder! Not to mention all the other books he's worked on for other people!I got the chance to sit down with Kyrun and ask him how he got started on his comic book journey. We also chat about trying to find enough time, taking a chance on yourself, and doing what makes you happy. We also chat about what we can see from him in the future, and any advice he may have for up and coming creatives!We also talk about the Kickstarter for Xob the Lightning Weilder #4! It will be launching very soon, so make sure you click the link below in order to stay informed! ... 

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