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Episode notes

Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt!

Hey, that didn't hit me, I have a protection spell, and my armor absorbs fire damage so you can suck it!

No, wait, that's not fair, I didn't mean to say suck it, he just made me angry!

What do you mean I have to go home, the LARP just started.... I've been waiting for this all year... is there anything I can do? Bryan, I'm sorry dude, I didn't mean to say....

the other kids don't want me here either?

Mark, is that true?


Mom, yeah it's me, I uh, I have to have you come get me. no I'm not crying, Im not, I'm fine, please just.. just look, I'm just over this stupid nerd crap, dad was right, can you just come to get me, please?


(Later at home)

I hate this stupid nerd shit, fuck this shit

(rips all of his favorite posters off the wall. sma ... 

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