by Freight Investor Services

Unprecedented Coverage in Unprecedented Times. The FIS management and broking teams around the world have got their heads together to bring you the first FIS Castaway podcast, providing you with an update on how we’re working to keep you trading. 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E83 - End of Year Special - 2021

    S01 E83 - End of Year Special - 2021

    Relive the 2021 freight and commodity markets with our end of year podcast, where we remember the freight, ferrous, oil, metals, and ferts markets of the last 12 months. We are joined by Alex Pereira Inacio, Michelle Wiese Bockman...

  • S01 E82 - EPISODE 82

    S01 E82 - EPISODE 82

    With a new Covid variant oil’s price has sledged down a hill, while Panamaxes have stormed ahead in the dry freight market, all on this week’s podcast. Disclaimer:

  • S01 E81 - EPISODE 81

    S01 E81 - EPISODE 81

    Freight and Iron Ore markets have found a floor, for the time being at least, hear about that and our other commodity markets on this week's podcast. Disclaimer:

  • S01 E80 - EPISODE 80

    S01 E80 - EPISODE 80

    Got that end of year feeling? Well the freight, oil and ferrous markets certainly do. Hear about what's been going on in commodities this week on our podcast. Disclaimer:

  • S01 E79 - EPISODE 79

    S01 E79 - EPISODE 79

    It’s groundhog day on our podcast, as we explore further Iron Ore falls, flatlining Oil, and record Ferts markets, although the Cape market has taken a breather this week. Disclaimer: