Mega Ran Interview: Dream Master Mixtape Blazing into the Desert Southwest

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Episode notes
Mega Ran also known as Random or RandomBeats has been known by many names but one thing that has never changed is their love for music along with many different fandoms. As their fanbase continues to grow at a record rate, the former middle school teacher turned musician now puts his sights on bringing a full-blown music festival to the small town of Yuma, Arizona. The creative firestorm that is Mega Ran now looks to bring the "Dream Master Mixtape' festival which will deliver 3 days of music from an array of talented artists as he teams up with a hot spot in Yuma in Red Moon Ale House that has been a gathering hub for many fans of music and video games as they combine different music entertainment with an arcade and delicious food that shows the best Yuma has to offer. Listen in as Mega Ran breaks down his inspirations and the hype that will be com ...   ...  Read more
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