S04 E23 - Interview with Scott Koblish

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Daniel sits down with the passionate Scott Koblish as they discuss his recently released comic book mini-series Kokju from Image Comics. They also take on some other subjects while talking about his new monster comic such as environmental collapse, and climate change. Plus a chat about Alan Moore, Watchmen, Kaiju films, and a highlight re  ...  See more
Apr 17 2023

Hello listeners, good morning, good afternoon, good evening, wherever you are, wherever you're
listening. Just want to say thank you so much for joining us for another interview session.
My name is Daniel as your host, your host as always. Today I have the very artistic and very
talented Scott Koblisch. How are you doing today? Good, how are you today? Not too bad, man. Very
excited to have you on today. Good. Yeah, I always like to start things off a little bit light before
diving into the conversation. So I want to go ahead and just ask you a little icebreaker here.
The book is about Kaijus and climate control and climate collapse. So what is your favorite Kaiju
movie or anime? Oh, boy, that's tough. Well, I grew up with what was that? It was like a Japanese
robot. Like, it was always li

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