S04 E17 - Interview with Black Satellite's Larissa Vale

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One-half of the NYC rock duo Black Satellite, Larissa Vale chats with host Kat about the origin of the duo and their upcoming tour which will be co-headlined by Cradle of Filth and DevilDriver. Larissa shares many things including the Double Trouble Live Tour and their deep-rooted connection.

Produced by RJ Tazioli

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Mar 07 2023

Welcome back to another Geek Network interview and today we're joined by Larissa Vale from
Black Satellite and your band is from NYC, correct?
All right.
And how long have you and Kyle known each other and when did you first start making
music together?
So it's really crazy.
We actually met in high school, so we've known each other maybe like 13 years.
So we were always writing music together, you know, as we're going through school and
when I graduated college, we kind of took off, went to New York City and that's when
we really just started, you know, diving in and just doing full-time, you know, Black
Well, that's awesome.
So are you guys not from New York City?
No, so we're originally from State College, Pennsylvania.
Oh, cool.
I did not k

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