Nathan Faudree Interview - Cosmic Horror Meets Found Footage in SITE 13

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Episode notes
Terror Films has announced the release of a highly anticipated Lovecraftian horror movie called SITE 13. The story revolves around Dr. Nathan Marsh, who awakens from a 10-year catatonic state in a mental institution. To uncover the eldritch horrors he unleashed upon the world, he must watch the tapes from his last expedition. Writer, director, and star of the film, Nathan Faudree, shared his insights into the making of SITE 13. He explained that the movie began as a found footage project under the direction of Tony Urban in 2003. However, due to Urban's retirement, the film was shelved. Years later, Faudree was inspired to revive the project and proposed the idea of incorporating the old footage into a present-day storyline. With the support of Urban, Faudree crafted a script that seamlessly merged the two time periods.
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