Jeff Kirkendall & Titus Himmelberger - Cocaine Shark

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Episode notes
Daniel treads the shark-infested waters with Jeff Kirkendall and Titus Himmelberger the stars of Mark Polonia's new film Cocaine Shark where they share many things about the film and production including the tight filming schedule, prior film experience, and what movies in the past inspired them to pursue acting. In what falls in the vein of films that deliver pure fun and joy such as the masterpiece Velocipastor, Cocaine Shark should be on your watchlist as it infests the "cocaine" hype ahead of many films such as the big screen release Cocaine Bear. Check out our conversation and be sure to check out Cocaine Shark on VOD or Tubi TV. Please like/share/subscribe and reviews are always appreciated so you can let us know what you love ...   ...  Read more
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