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Mental Health

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • S02 E11 - Digging Family With Benefits

    S02 E11 - Digging Family With BenefitsExplicit

    We end this season grilling a fellow podcaster about his job, where he daylights as a local prostitute in the Florida area. That mustache is great for two things. Give us a listen and find out what those two things are. Also, ther...

    Jan 07 2021
    Jan 07 2021
  • S02 E10 - Our Dearest Trebek

    S02 E10 - Our Dearest TrebekExplicit

    We at Family With Benefits continue to mourn the death of our Canadian treasure; Alex Trebek. Cancer has hit home here for us and, while we try to make light of the disease, it's a killer and it must be eradicated. A world without...

    Dec 21 2020
    Dec 21 2020
  • S02 E09 - Our Rasslin' Throwback

    S02 E09 - Our Rasslin' ThrowbackExplicit

    Sgt. Slaughter is the muse of this episode and we go way back with stories of yesteryear and we chat about our Mt. Rushmore of wrestling and much, much, more! The three Tessier brothers get down and dirty, even though Sean doesn't...

    Dec 16 2020
    Dec 16 2020
  • S02 E08 - Our (Not-So) Finest (Half) Hour

    S02 E08 - Our (Not-So) Finest (Half) HourExplicit

    Ladies and gentlemen, we are back and we are coming in HOT. Or...lukewarm, at least. In this episode we discuss OnlyFans, again but we can't seem to fucking shake it, and why we're popular in Mexico. Also, we talk about why Chris ...

    Nov 25 2020
    Nov 25 2020
  • S02 E07 - Our Mental Health Approach

    S02 E07 - Our Mental Health ApproachExplicit

    We recorded this episode on World Mental Health Awareness Day and now we bring it to you!...2 weeks later. Take a listen to this mini-sode and remember that if you are ever in need of an ear to talk to, you can message us on Faceb...

    Oct 26 2020
    Oct 26 2020
  • S02 E06 - Our Back To The Podcast Episode

    S02 E06 - Our Back To The Podcast EpisodeExplicit

    After almost 2 damn months, we are fucking back, baby! You can't kill us! We're back to discuss how the hell Jay had never seen Back to the Future until just prior to this recording!Huge shoutout to our new voiceover/narrator tech...

    Oct 17 2020
    Oct 17 2020
  • S02 E05 - Our Democratic Chat

    S02 E05 - Our Democratic Chat

    We are back with some politics chat. We put aside the funny and get to some important matters at hand.Joining us is Woonsocket City Councilor Alex Kithes and city council hopefuls Vaughan Miller, Marlene Guay, and Charmaine Webste...

    Aug 27 2020
    Aug 27 2020
  • S02 E04 - Our Video Game Passion

    S02 E04 - Our Video Game PassionExplicit

    We discuss video games in this episode while we give some shoutouts to special little ladies. Split Tongue Gamer and The White Ranger, both on Twitch, using those names respectively.We also go off on a weird tangent. Join us this ...

    Aug 01 2020
    Aug 01 2020
  • S02 E03 - Our Ghost Session

    S02 E03 - Our Ghost SessionExplicit

    A discussion about ghosts and certain ghost stories that we, or those close to us, have had.If you have any ghost stories, please do not hesitate sending a voice clip to or send us a message on Facebook http...

    Jul 13 2020
    Jul 13 2020
  • S02 E02 - Our Way Of Keeping It Light

    S02 E02 - Our Way Of Keeping It LightExplicit

    We try to keep it light. Really, we tried our best! We chat about so much in this episode, so you'll just have to get to it, guys!If you want to support Team Ari in her fight against cancer, follow this link and donate. https://gf...

    Jul 05 2020
    Jul 05 2020
  • S02 E01 - Our Muse and Inspiration Part 2

    S02 E01 - Our Muse and Inspiration Part 2Explicit

    We're back after a month off to bring you the final part with the amazingly talented and well spoken Mr. Adam Trudel!We discuss veganism/vegetarianism, domestic violence, parenting. Lots of great shit! Stick around all the way to ...

    Jun 23 2020
    Jun 23 2020
  • S02 E01 - Our Muse and Inspiration Part 1

    S02 E01 - Our Muse and Inspiration Part 1Explicit

    As we open up season 2, we enter our most intellectual discussion with our good friend Adam. We take a back seat and let him lay out his thoughts about a few topics and, in typical FwB fashion, we get off track. So please enjoy th...

    May 25 2020
    May 25 2020
  • Season 1

  • S01 E07 - Featuring 2 Beards and a Mic Part 3

    S01 E07 - Featuring 2 Beards and a Mic Part 3Explicit

    The final chapter of our crossover and we mostly talk about how much of a pussy we all are about getting up to do stand up and how we really need each other. We also discuss Big Booty Butt, purchasing the Rustic Drive-In, if our w...

    May 05 2020
    May 05 2020