The Familyhood Podcast

by Romel Peters

Welcome to The Familyhood Podcast! Join myself Romel, and some special guests as we openly discuss how our upbringing, environment and generational cycles have contributed to who we identify as today. - Do you know who you are? - Do you live by your own values, or those of others around you? - Are you comfortable in your skin? - Do you feel seen, heard and valued? I will be joined by some amazing guests and members of my own... Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E05 - Know Yourself, Express Yourself

    S01 E05 - Know Yourself, Express Yourself

    Meet Denise Grant!Join our conversation as Denise openly shares parts of her journey from Childhood, Parenting, Relationships, Career and Spirituality.If Denise's story resonates with you, be sure to leave your comments or questio...

  • S01 E04 - It's A Family Thing

    S01 E04 - It's A Family Thing

    Meet my cousin Akeela! Join me and my cousin Akeela as we discuss some of her experiences with education, relationships, family ties and more.If you want to show her some love or ask her something directly, go hit up her Instagram...

  • S01 E03 - Mastering Communication

    S01 E03 - Mastering Communication

    Meet Debra B Hamilton! Want to learn the secrets to how effective communication is the key to sustaining successful, healthy relationships & marriage?Well! You will definitely want to tune into this episode with Speaker & Author D...

  • S01 E02 - Self Love After Judgement

    S01 E02 - Self Love After Judgement

    Meet my Cousin Danielle! **Warning: Her energy is absolute fire and contagious!**In this episode, Danielle will be sharing her revelations, come ups and transformation, on her journey to finding Self Love after years of judgement...

  • S01 E01 - What It Takes To Break A Cycle

    S01 E01 - What It Takes To Break A Cycle

    Meet LaToya Zavala! A Wife, Mother, Personal Coach and Survivor-Turned-Thrivor. After experiencing different forms of abuse, LaToya turned her life around to become a beacon of hope for others. From serving as a Navy Chaplaincy ...