Former Apple and HP marketing leader - Satjiv Chahil - How to win hearts and build big business

Published: Jun 26 2019

Satjiv shares his incredible career journey that took him from top leadership positions in IBM, HP, Xerox to Apple and beyond.

Get insight into Satjiv's innovative marketing techniques to drive global adoption of technology and how he partnered with stars including Claudia Schiffer, Jerry Seinfeld and LeBron James to win people’s hearts and build big business.

Key takeouts from this episode

  • Hear the story of Satjiv’s incredible career journey that took him from IBM to Xerox to Apple and beyond

  • What Satjiv first thought of Steve Jobs when he met him early on his career

  • Why a positive, energetic work environment is so important for marketing – a.k.a “The transfer of enthusiasm”

  • Why inspiration and motivation are key for diversity – not a checklist

  • How inclusiveness builds strong companies with vibrant communities 

  • How to get more marketing bang for your buck by making friends with the right people and targeting specific groups

  • What makes Silicon Valley so special compared to other innovation hubs around the world

  • The next big innovation trends coming out of Silicon Valley

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