Head of Design at Charlie Tango - Alberto Vitullo - How great Design Systems impact large organizations

Published: Jun 26 2019

Most companies have some kind of style guide, but what exactly is a design system? According to Alberto Vitullo, a design system is a home for all your design knowledge and elements – from tone of voice and color, to logo and button shape. And although they are still evolving, they’re quickly becoming a must-have for successful businesses everywhere.

So how do companies go about implementing a design system – and doing it well?

Get expert insight into the details of design systems in enterprises, the many benefits of doing it well, and how large organizations need to start thinking differently about brand overhauls.

Key takeouts from this episode - An introduction to “design systems” and how they can be used in daily work

- Examples of some companies with the best design systems in the world, including AirBnb, Google and Apple

- Why employees are key to evaluating whether a design system is good or not

- Why adaptive change with familiar tools works better than sudden change when implementing a design system

- Why brands need to start their design change journeys with an initial focus on digital design, not offline design

- Why we need to strike a balance between accessibility and good user experience for brand expression

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