Chief Digital Designer at Danske Bank - Marge Aru - How UX and Design Thinking can impact Banks

Published: Jun 26 2019

Chief Digital Designer of Danske Bank, Marge Aru, shares her expertise in design thinking and digital transformation for big business.

Learn about digital transformation developments at Danske Bank, how to get companies to understand why UX is vital, and some inspirational thought leaders to follow.

Key takeouts from this episode

• How digital disruption is starting to permeate larger companies, and the challenges they face

• The importance of looking beyond trendy words and understanding why design and UX are so essential in digital transformation

• Why small teams are vital, alongside trust and buy-in from leaders

• The importance of a consistent customer experience, and why everybody needs to understand this

• Why user needs are paramount and how initiating a “clean-up phase” can help avoid overwhelming the user

• A unique insight into the innovative development behind Danske Bank’s June project, an app making investment simple for Danes

• How IBM breathed new life into an old company with an internal digital disrupting start-up unit and the IBM Design Language

• Some thought leaders to look out for, including Steven Gates and his podcast “The Crazy One” and Gary Vee’s Chief Heart Officer, Claude Silver.

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