Head of Playtype - Mathias Jespersen - The rise of bespoke typefaces for brands

Published: Jun 26 2019

One of the core assets of a brand is its typeface. Most design and marketing people would agree. The challenge, however, is getting the everyday user to grasp the importance of this and empower them to use fonts consistently to improve brand integrity.

But how do brands with thousands of employees roll out fonts to the entire organization?

Mathias Jepersen talks us through the value in choosing an immediately recognizable font. Templafy Co-Founder, Christian Lund, joins Mathias to discuss the need for seamless solutions to get all employees to embrace and use corporate fonts.

Key takeouts from this episode: - How easily customers can recognize a brand by reading a few words in a bespoke typeface, and why small details matter

- The technical and change management difficulties of getting all employees in a company to use custom fonts in their daily work

- The key reasons behind the ever increasing demand for bespoke typefaces

- A success story from Playtype on creating a new typeface for Københavns Kommune (Copenhagen Municipality) for their communications across the city

- Whether it is possible to measure the ROI of bespoke fonts in a company

For show notes and links, visit:https://www.templafy.com/blog/the-rise-of-bespoke-typeface-for-brands-with-playtype-head-mathias-jepersen

For more information on Playtype's Font Foundry, visit:https://playtype.com/