S02 - The Uncanny and The Dead Anthology Panel Interview

Eldritch Girl: Weird Gothic Stuff & Nonsense by C. M. Rosens
In this episode with multiple guests, I catch up with Ezra Arndt, Frank Rudiger Lopes and Alessandra "Allie" Pino on their short stories in THE UNCANNY AND THE DEAD anthology out now in eBook and Paperback! This indie horror anthology was edited by Ezra Arndt and also contains a longer short story/short novella by me, entitled THE RELUCTA  ...  See more
Feb 28 2022

CMR: hello, and welcome back to a very special episode of Eldritch Girl where we’ve got a number of interviewees today and they’re all authors from The Uncanny and The Dead anthology which is edited by Ezra Arndt which came out in January. So we’ve got Frank Rudiger Lopez and Allie Pino and Ezra Arndt, and myself, C. M. Rosens, I am in the anthology as well! Let’s start with Frank. Frank, would you like to introduce yourself.

FRL: Hello, I’m Frank, I’m a Brazilian historian, writer, researcher and podcaster, and I do many things! I work with science fiction and I’m currently doing my Masters, and I’m also writing fiction, because I clearly don’t do enough things.

CMR: Amazing. We’ve also got Allie Pino. Allie, would you like to introduce yourself.

AP: Hello and thank you for inviting me

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