S02 - Author Interview with Ally Wilkes ~ ALL THE WHITE SPACES, Polar Horror & Polar Exploration

Eldritch Girl: Weird Gothic Stuff & Nonsense by C. M. Rosens

An interview with Ally Wilkes, author of ALL THE WHITE SPACES, released 25 Jan '22 (UK) and 22 March '22 (USA). This episode includes an author-read extract from the novel, and we discussed Polar exploration in the early 20thC, the Great War (WWI), Polar horror, and a morsel of survival cannibalism.

Feb 07 2022

CMR: Well hello, and welcome to the next episode of Eldritch Girl, and I’ve got Ally Wilkes with me, author of All The White Spaces which is coming out soon. Ally, it’s lovely to have you, would you like to introduce yourself?

AW: Hi Mel, it’s so lovely to be on the podcast, and a brief introduction to me, I am a former criminal barrister turned horror writer. I’m coming to you from Greenwich London, which is where I live, I am an absolute nerd about polar and exploration horror, that’s my passion, and also in terms of sidelines I’m the book reviews editor for Horrified Magazine, the British horror magazine, and I’ve also had a few short stories here and there in various magazines and anthologies.

CMR: That’s fantastic, and you’re going to read an extract for us that was exclusively publ

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