S02 - Author Interview with Mason Hawthorne ~ LEADBITTER HOUSE, short story writing, Australian Gothic and body horror

Eldritch Girl: Weird Gothic Stuff & Nonsense by C. M. Rosens

I talk to Mason Hawthorne, author of several short stories including LEADBITTER HOUSE published in Nyx Publishing's first Queer Gothic anthology, UNSPEAKABLE, about Australian small town Gothic, body horror, and the process of writing short fiction.

Jan 17 2022

CMR: Well hello! Welcome back to Eldritch Girl, and today we have Mason Hawthorne over from Australia with us. Mason, would you like to introduce yourself.

MH: Sure, so my name is Mason Hawthorne, I studied creative writing at the University of Wollongong and I’ve been published in Unspeakable, a queer Gothic anthology, and Monsters we Forgot anthology and a few podcasts. I mostly write horror queer fiction and Gothic fiction and I’m sharing some of that today.

CMR: And you’re reading an extract from Leadbitter House today, right.

MH: Yes, so it’s Leadbitter House, which was in the collection Unspeakable a queer Gothic anthology, yeah.

CMR: I’m excited! I love this story. When you’re ready and if you’d like to read it, go for it.

MH: All right, here we go.

Extract from ‘Leadbitter Ho

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