S02 - Author Interview with Magen Cubed ~ LEATHER AND LACE, monster romance, and the US class system

Eldritch Girl: Weird Gothic Stuff & Nonsense by C. M. Rosens
I talk to Magen Cubed this week about monster romance, the US class system and writing in the Southern Gothic mode. We discuss her novel LEATHER AND LACE, the main characters Dorian (an anxiety-riddled vampire) and Cash (a laid-back human monster hunter), their backstories, and the interaction with the decaying setting and other Southern  ...  See more
Dec 06 2021

CMR: Welcome to the next episode of Eldritch Girl, and I’ve got Magen Cubed with me make it would you like to introduce yourself?

MC: I would, thank you and thank you so much for having me.

MC: I am a what I call a monster romance writer, I began writing fiction and weird tales about 10 years ago and meandered my way into media criticism and reviews and such as mostly like comics and visual media. Outside of that I am a published novelist, I write short stories, I write essays and I write prime- or I should say I’m primarily known for the Southern Gothic series which is my little ode to monster hunting fiction and queer romance and all that good stuff so.

CMR: That’s how I know you also, from that series.

MC: [laughs] That’s how most people know me…

CMR: And you get to read an extract

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