S02 - Author Interview with Allie Pino ~ A GOTHIC COOKBOOK, Uncanny Food and Gothic Horror

Eldritch Girl: Weird Gothic Stuff & Nonsense by C. M. Rosens
This interview with Alessandra "Allie" Pino contains discussion of food in the Gothic, and how food can betray us (in the context of horror but also anxieties around food in real life). Allie discusses her co-written project, A GOTHIC COOKBOOK, which contains essays on 13 Gothic novels, along with 5-6 recipes from each of those novels per  ...  See more
Nov 01 2021

CWs: This interview discusses food in detail, the eating of food, the trust and lack of trust in food, contamination of food, and how food is used in the Gothic and horror genres to create destabilising and horrifying effects/affects. The transcript includes two videos, one a recorded free talk by Allie Pino on food and consumption in horror and the Gothic, and one a graphic trailer of new (2021) eco-horror film in the Welsh language, Gwledd/The Feast.

If you have anxieties or triggers around these topics, be advised this might be one to skip!

A Gothic Cookbook
Written by Ella Buchan and Alessandra Pino, and with illustrations from Lee Henry, this literary inspired cookbook is composed of thirteen divinely delicious chapters, each focusing on a different story and discussing its edible m

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