S01 - Queer Monster Hour ~ with Johannes T. Evans

Eldritch Girl: Weird Gothic Stuff & Nonsense by C. M. Rosens
I chatted about queerness, transness and monstrosity with Johannes T. Evans (he/him), a gay transmasc author and stand-up comedian from South Wales currently living in Ireland. He reads an extract from his serial Powder and Feathers, and we talk about power dynamics in relationships (and the abuse of them), the three themes of liberty and  ...  See more
Jun 21 2021

CMR: Hello, welcome to the next episode of Eldritch Girl. This is a new bonus episode with Johannes T. Evans. Would you like to introduce yourself.

JTE: Oh, my name is Johannes T. Evans, pronouns him/his, I am a transmasc author from South Wales living on the west coast of Ireland and I write a lot. I write a big mix of fantasy primarily within the same universe, which is a magical parallel to earth called Magic Beholden.

CMR: And you’re going to read an extract from that world?

JTE: Yes. So my business model is a little bit different where I publish a mix of short stories novels and serials, all within the same universe, one of the things I do is I post serials chapter by chapter, as I go. And then later on, I push them up and republish them as eBook even after completion, the serials

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