Monstrous May

Published: May 24 2021

This month I've been participating in the Monstrous May Challenge on Twitter, hosted by author and consummate LEGO enthusiast, Johannes T. Evans. Each day there's a new prompt, and creators of all kinds post their response to it using the tag #MonstrousMayChallenge. We have Zoom meet-ups through the month in association with @/RomGothSam, who runs the Romancing the Gothic project. Here are 2 posts for my Ko-Fi supporters, which I posted for the Iconic Settings prompt and Baby Monster prompt respectively.

Find all my Monstrous May posts, including these two, here:

Iconic Settings CW: sentient house POV and forced entry/vandalism (possible to draw parallels to assault, so throwing that in here as a content warning)

Baby Monster CW: winter horror, cow mutilation, womb horror, potential threat/peril