S01 - Author Interview: Nita Pan ~ Goremance, Villains, Writing Queerness, and Having Fun with Horror

Eldritch Girl: Weird Gothic Stuff & Nonsense by C. M. Rosens
Nita Pan (she/they) is a nonbinary, demisexual/biromantic polyamorous and neurodivergent YA/Adult Own Voices writer of the soft, bloody and monstrous. Their work has more recently turned to exploring the slasher-romance/goremance genre, although has always flirted with horrormance in various forms, especially with gothic themes and elemen  ...  See more
Apr 05 2021

Nita Pan has undergone a recent [as of August 2021] author rebrand, and updated their pen name to Ezra Arndt, which better reflects where they are in their life and writing career after using Nita Pan as a pseudonym for their fantasy, fan fiction and poetry through their teens and early 20s. You can find Ezra Arndt on Twitter and Instagram [both @ezraarndtwrites] and get gothic romance, erotic horror and more in your inbox for the price of a coffee per month via their (18+ only) Patreon. Their first published short story, Life and Death, is available in serial format on their Patreon, or you can find it in the anthology FROM ASHES TO MAGIC published as Nita Pan.

Note: as of 2023, the Patreon is discontinued.

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