Eldritch Girl: Weird Gothic Stuff & Nonsense Explicit

by C. M. Rosens

A Gothic Horror and Weird fiction podcast featuring short stories and serialised Weird Gothic novels and novellas by C. M. Rosens, the Undead Hour with Clem Wells and Friends (discussions on hot topics affecting the undead communities today) and more! Guest authors will also make an appearance with their own work. CWs for gothic horror tropes, strong language, [consensual, kinky] sex and violence. Each episode will have conten... Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • S02 E21 - Thirteenth Part 21 ~ Season Finale

    S02 E21 - Thirteenth Part 21 ~ Season FinaleExplicit

    The last (and double-length!) episode of S02, in which the triad meet their Grandsire, Ricky finds some comfort, Wes makes a choice and gets some insurance, and Katy sets herself on a path she can't come back from. CW: graphic gor...

  • S02 E20 - Thirteenth Part 20

    S02 E20 - Thirteenth Part 20Explicit

    Ricky and Wes learn the extent of their powers in the Outside and must decide what to do with them; Katy hatches out, and Grandad's priests show up.CWs: deconstructive body horror, insectoid creature swarm, creature goreTheme Tune...

  • S02 E19 - Thirteenth Part 19

    S02 E19 - Thirteenth Part 19Explicit

    Katy's metamorphosis begins, Ricky takes a risk that leads to a bad trip, and Wes finds himself assuming responsibility.CWs: consuming non-edible hallucinogenic/toxic substance, discussion of sexual relationship between cousins, d...

  • S02 E18 - Thirteenth Part 18

    S02 E18 - Thirteenth Part 18Explicit

    Katy, Wes and Ricky begin their exploration of the Outside, but Wes isn't the only one to be affected by the atmosphere in this other dimension. CWs: body horror, family-context aggression, thinking of people as objects, blood/acc...

  • S02 E17 - Thirteenth Part 17

    S02 E17 - Thirteenth Part 17Explicit

    The Triad find themselves trapped the wrong side of the portal with an unexpected benefit for Wes.CWs: fist-fight, blood, disordered eating/mindless eating to painful over-capacity (of rotten food)Theme tune: Gemma Cartmell