Eldritch Girl: Weird Gothic Stuff & Nonsense Explicit

by C. M. Rosens

A Gothic Horror and Weird fiction podcast featuring short stories and serialised Weird Gothic novels and novellas by C. M. Rosens, the Undead Hour with Clem Wells and Friends (discussions on hot topics affecting the undead communities today) and more! Guest authors will also make an appearance with their own work. CWs for gothic horror tropes, strong language, [consensual, kinky] sex and violence. Each episode will have conten... Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • S02 E15 - Thirteenth Part 15

    S02 E15 - Thirteenth Part 15Explicit

    Ricky struggles to cope with his cousins and his deeply-rooted insecurities, while Katy, struggling to deal with her grief and newfound knowledge, figures out why Wes is on the List. Wes is just... struggling.CWs: alcohol use in c...

  • S02 E14 - Thirteenth Part 14

    S02 E14 - Thirteenth Part 14Explicit

    In this week's episode, Wes sets his cap at Fairwood (and Carrie), takes drugs to see glimpses of a strange future, and recalls his own Changes.CWs: drug-taking and on-page trip in POV, come-down and out-of-touch/derealisation POV...

  • S02 E13 - Thirteenth Part 13

    S02 E13 - Thirteenth Part 13Explicit

    Katy faces the consequences of her actions and some unwelcome revelations about the List and her destiny.CWs: gore, maggot-adjacent infestation, body horror, emesisTheme tune: Gemma Cartmell

  • S02 E12 - Thirteenth Part 12

    S02 E12 - Thirteenth Part 12Explicit

    Fairwood extracts Katy's memory of her 11th birthday, in which Katy's destiny becomes clearer to her; in the present, Katy learns who killed her beloved grandmother and Wes and Ricky face a reckoning.CWs: child neglect and manipul...

  • S02 E11 - Thirteenth Part 11

    S02 E11 - Thirteenth Part 11Explicit

    Wes's meeting with Katy goes very badly, resulting in Katy needing a rescue.CWs: driving-under-the-influence POV, implied careless driving, homicidal ideation (he fantasises about strangling Katy with his scarf) and strong languag...