Steve Folwell - Founder of Muddy Trowel

Published: Mar 14 2021

In our launch episode, We are delighted to interview Steve Folwell, the founder of e-commerce gardening Startup Muddy Trowel (

Muddy Trowel makes it easy to get beautiful, plants kids straight to your door. I talk to Steve about what he has learned so far and his plans for the future.

In the podcast we cover:

  • Muddy Trowel – what gave you the inspiration for it?

  • What is the market landscape for these products?

  • How does the supply chain work for your products?

  • Your products are quite delicate – how do you deliver •

  • What are the main channels you use to market your products?

  • Do you sell through any third party platforms e.g. Amazon, eBay •

  • How are you funding your business – what are your plans for growth?

  • You’ve worked for big corporates and now you are an entrepreneur – which do you prefer?

  • What has inspired you most recently?

Guest: Steve Folwell - Founder: Muddy Trowel

Presenter: Trevor Ginn - Founder: