Determined to Grow

by Reyanka Kisten

Determined to Grow is a podcast related to Volleyball. Durban and Districts Volleyball is interested in all aspects of the sport and would like to get the thoughts of players, coaches, and officials on specific topics.

Podcast episodes

  • 'KAD Volleyball Club'

    'KAD Volleyball Club'

    In this episode, we will be chatting to Sashnee Nair who has a Strategic Marketing background and has fueled her love of sport through her voluntary work on the boards of several sporting organizations. The experience of competing Internationally at competitions like The World Student Games, coupled with Brand Development on major sports sponsorship and event strategies in a professional capacity has helped pave the way for many opportunities within KAD.

  • 'ParaVolley South Africa - Sitting Volleyball'

    'ParaVolley South Africa - Sitting Volleyball'

    In this episode we will chatting to Anton Raimondo. He is a Paralympic Athlete and the founder of ParaVolley South Africa. Listen to find out more about Sitting Volleyball.

  • 'From Player to Coach'

    'From Player to Coach'

    Kiruben Naicker, has played volleyball in South Africa for the last 34 years. This experienced player has played beach and indoor volleyball on an international level. He has now taken on a new venture as a coach at UKZN Volleyball Club and we will be chatting to him about his transition from a player to coach.

  • 'Getting to know more about our 2021 Champions Cup Winners'

    'Getting to know more about our 2021 Champions Cup Winners'

    Aqua Darshan Predators Volleyball Club are the Winners of Champions Cup 2021. In this episode we will be chatting to Quwin Naidoo, the Captain, to get to know more about his victorious team.Hosted by: Reyanka KistenPresidentDurban and Districts Volleyball