Mindful Athlete Course 2020

by District Vision

This time of social distancing offers a unique opportunity to experience silence and to investigate the inner dimensions of running in solitude. All of the major marathons have been postponed and many of us are scrambling to maintain our training routines without the support of our team or training mates. The 2020 edition of the Mindful Athlete Course, based on five years of research and development with world class runners an... Read more

Podcast episodes

  • #8 Movement: Would You Like To Dance?

    #8 Movement: Would You Like To Dance?

    Let's see if we can approach our training more like an elegant dance and less like a struggle. As one of the classic analogies points out: pain is inevitable, struggle is optional.

  • #8 Seated: Would You Like To Dance?

    #8 Seated: Would You Like To Dance?

    True mindfulness practice can feel like a mental dance, between moments of stable concentration and open-hearted, non-judgmental awareness of everything around us.

  • #7 Movement: What Is Happening?

    #7 Movement: What Is Happening?

    So much is happening to us while we run if we only learn to pay attention. Can you hear the birds sing? Can you be aware of your physical and mental state without judgement?

  • #7 Seated: What Is Happening?

    #7 Seated: What Is Happening?

    We're now ready to open up our awareness fully, to everything going on within and around us. This is sometimes considered more advanced but it's really the most effective way to start integrating mindfulness into everyday life.

  • #6 Movement: Why Do You Train?

    #6 Movement: Why Do You Train?

    As we begin to move, our natural tendencies in training become more evident. Why are we doing this to ourselves? How can we get less carried away by our constant mood swings and take our practice forward?