Double Thought DimensionExplicit

by double thought dimension

Derek stands on the other side of the door. You're welcome to enter. The teacher appears when the student is ready; are you? Enter the consciousness.  

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • S02 E57 - Learning Everyday

    S02 E57 - Learning Everyday

    Hello Beautiful Souls. I am learning everyday. Would you like to hear? Take a step inside. It smells great in here, kind of like Pinon incense. Peace. Love. Zen. Find all links here is...

  • S02 E56 - IYKYK- 56

    S02 E56 - IYKYK- 56

    Derek is here. Are you? Waiting on the other side of the door is..........?Step inside. Find all links here production- Means if you like what you hear, send value in any form you find ...

  • S02 E55 - Fix Me

    S02 E55 - Fix MeExplicit

    Derek sits down to talk about how we look to internet personalities to fix all of our problems. Fad diets, workout routines, gimmicks. Why do we constantly seek the advice and wisdom of total strangers online? Look within. You kno...

  • S02 E54 - LIVE

    S02 E54 - LIVEExplicit

    I sit down and talk about life and how we should live it. Have we been tricked into a false sense of security? Are we wasting our lives? Who knows?Find all links here us here dtdimens...

  • S02 E53 - Pivotal

    S02 E53 - PivotalExplicit

    Today I sit down and talk about some the albums that shaped who I am. If you like punk rock music, you might like this episode. Remember: Punk is dead and Jello Biafra killed it.Email me at dtdimension@protonmail.comFind all links...